“Historical Day of Pride” event

admin Oct 17, 2019

The “Historical Day of Pride” event for registering Mongolian overtone singing in the world record will take place on the 30th of October.

During the event, many overtone singers from the “Khovd” province will gather and do the overtone singing at the same time. Furthermore, the purpose of this event is to register the overtone singing in the “Guinness World Record”.


People regard overtone singing as developed from the attempt to imitate natural sounds such as wind blow, the sound of falling water, and birds tweet. The overtone singing is the most diverse heritage, moreover, it’s a vibrant and developing tradition.

The western region of Mongolia, especially the people in “Chandmani” soum of “Khovd” province, is making an actual contribution in developing the overtone singing. In this regard, Citizens’ Representative Meeting and the Governor’s Office in “Khovd” province, and the Overtone Singing Association will jointly organize the “Historical Day of Pride” for registering the overtone singing in the world record.


This event has a huge significance in protecting the cultural heritage, enlightening the people with the art of overtone singing, and inheriting the heritage to the next generations. That being the case, the organizers of the event have encouraged the citizens and tourists to take part in this great event for registering the overtone singing in the “Guinness World Record” as broadly as possible.