Cultural Days of Dornogovi-province

admin Oct 08, 2019


Under the purpose to promote the Dornogovi-province, the home of Vicious Saint, spread the arts, and to develop the local residence, the “Cultural Days of Dornogovi-province – 2019” event will take place on the 12-15th of October in Ulaanbaatar city. That being the case, the local representatives composed of the provincial Governor Enkhtuvshin D. and the Poet, Director of the provincial library Baigalmaa A. have reported on this event today.                                                              ChinggistoursIt’s reportedly said that the opening ceremony of the “Cultural Days of Dornogovi-province – 2019” event will officially take place at “Sukhbaatar” square on the 12th of October at 12:00 pm. The opening ceremony is scheduled to be started with a dance performance by a thousand children due to the province is home to many celebrities in dancing and is represented by the people’s entertainer and a well-known choreographer Sevjid Ts.