Our country was ranked 4th among the most beautiful nations in the world

admin Sep 18, 2019

The CNN agency ranked the most beautiful countries on earth and Mongolia was ranked in 4th place. Brazilians were named for their carnival and football, Singaporeans with their civilized and disciplinary manner, Jamaicans with their sprinting sport, and Mongolians were named for their vitality, liquidity, and warm hospitality.


The Mongolians, which defined as “Silent and Mysterious” and ranked 4th among over 250 countries, were described as “The Mongolians have the behavior that they don’t get bound by anything and be calm at any situation, nomadic culture, overtone singing, and the Mongolian Ger or yurts. The country is silent and mysterious. They make their shoes, coats, hats and everything with furry leather. Their great history complements these glorious people even more. Who else can make an eagle as a pet”.