“Camels in Great Gobi” event

admin Sep 02, 2019

Place of event: Tsagaan Suvarga, Ulziit Soum, Dundgovi-province

Date: September 07 and 08

Event: “Camels in Great Gobi” event has been held under the purpose to develop tourism, increase the growth of camel herds and its benefit. During the event, camel-riders parade, camel polo, single-out of best couple on the camel, young camel and large camel racing, single-out of best breed male and female camel, and exhibition of female camel milk and products made of camel wool will take place.


Soums in Dundgovi-province and camel-riders from Umnugovi-province and Dornogovi-province participate in this event. Camel-riders’ way of life and local customs are promoted during the event.