Mongolian TOP Attractions


admin Jan 20, 2019

Named for the birch trees that grow in the vicinity, this is the perfect place to get a glimpse of the steppes ecosystem. There are quite a few historical monuments here such as the Ongot’s man monuments, temple ruins and Hunnu’s rectangular tombs. The takhi wild horses native to the grassy steppes had vanished from the wild in the 1970s, but as a result of various breeding programs, they slowly reappeared in their old stomping grounds, including their original home: the Khustain Nuruu national park. One of the places where the reintroduction took place in 1992 was the horse’s native habitat of Khustain Nuruu or Hustai National Park. A year later the park, which stretches across 50,000 hectares, was declared as a Specially Protected Area. Its key mission is to maintain and build a sustainable population of these rare creatures.

Visitors to the park can now spot teams of the dun-colored horse wandering around the dry grassy landscape. Although the star of Khustain Nuruu is indubitably the takhi, the park is also home to other species like the red deer, steppe gazelle, the Eurasian badger, grey wolves, and the Eurasian lynx.