Impression on traveling to Mongolia by Donald Trump’s son

admin Aug 26, 2019

The eldest child of President Donald Trump left Mongolia on 25 August after traveling with his son for a week. In Mongolia, Donald Trump Jr challenged himself to climb “Khuiten”, the highest peak of the Tavan Bogd Mountain which is located near the triple border of Mongolia, China and Russia. In addition, he spent time with his son in Mongolia fishing, hunting and riding horses. He posted his travel photos on Instagram with warm farewell words.


Donald Trump Jr wrote his impression on Instagram ‘Guys, I’m back after living the yurt life with man Donnie for the past week exploring Mongolia. We covered many miles on horseback and 4WD. More pics to come soon. Truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and the scenery was actually outdone by genuine warmth and kindness of the people. After such an amazing experience I’m actually disappointed to be back on the grid.