“Khongoriin Ikh Khurd” Date: August 15, 2019

admin Aug 13, 2019

This festival, on the 15th of August, is jointly organized by the tourist camps in “Khongor” sand dunes, Horse Trainers Association of “Sevrei” soum, and the Governor’s Office of the Umnugovi-province. In addition to horse trainers of “Bulgan”, “Bayandalai”, “Khurmen”, “Noyon”, and “Gurvan tes” soum of Umnugovi-province, the horse trainers and wrestlers of other bordering provinces such as Uvurkhangai and Bayankhongor compete in this festival. The festival will be held under the purpose to promote Mongolia and its landscape, culture, and art to the world.


The organizers are planning to make this festival a west-region festival in the future. The main feature of this event is that this is a “Besreg” festival program dedicated to foreign and domestic tourists.

The festival includes the following events:

Horse race


Knuckle-bone shooting. Some of the contests are funded from the money collected from the tourists.