“Horse riders festival in Orkhon Valley”

admin Aug 06, 2019

Date: August 07, 2019

“Horse Riders Festival” will take place on the 7th of August (tomorrow) in Orkhon Valley, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province for the 13th year. This festival is the manifestation of how the tradition that the nomads herd their livestock for generations and used to rejoice themselves as they carry their livelihood is turning and developing into some form of a contest, moreover, the main feature is to support and activate the local civilians, and make this event as a tourism product.


This festival is jointly organized by the Youth Association of Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province and “Tsaidam” tourist camp. Horse riders of Arkhangai province and the horse riders of their bordering soum or province compete in this festival as a team. Over 120 horse riders have registered to the festival of this year. They will single out their champion with horse roping, horse catching with the lasso, whip catching, and finger game contests.