Mongolian TOP Attractions


admin Jan 20, 2019

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site where you can find writings from the 8th century.

The ancient capital city of Uighur thrived here and this is also where you can find the Tuvkhun monastery. If nature is more your thing then the Eighth Lakes (Naiman Nuur) and Orkhon waterfall should make a spell binding spectacle for you.

If you've come to Mongolia to experience its vast mountainous steppe, then travelling through the Orkhon Valley (Орхоны Хөндий) region should be on your itinerary. Here you can drive all day and hardly see another vehicle, passing through flocks of goat and sheep that scurry out of the way, while herds of semi-wild horses graze in the distance. Crossing this vast nothingness of undulating hills you'll encounter the occasional ger camp of nomadic herders, who'll wave you on in the direction you're heading.