“Nomadic Culture Festival” 2019

admin Jul 19, 2019

The program for the “Nomadic Culture Festival” which will be held on 20-23rd of July in Zavkhan-province has released. Zavkhan-province is considered as one of the provinces fully potential for developing tourism, relying on their astonishing wild and untouched natural places of unique landscapes. That being the case, one of the indications that the province is paying attention for developing tourism in the coming years is this major event. The organizers of the festival reported that this will be a tourism event of feeling proud of their nomadic culture and find kinds of livestock.


As mentioned in the program, there will be various tribes to attract foreign and domestic tourists, and manifesting the nomadic culture, tradition, and legacy. On top of that, there will be a contest among the artistic lasso, rope throwers, and horse buckers. Moreover, the lifestyle and customs of Mongolia will be exhibited.