Yak Festival

admin Jul 16, 2019

The Yak Festival annually held as a tradition in a place called Undur-Khyasaa, located in Bat-Ulzii soum of Uvurkhangai-province, on 23rd of July.

ChinggistoursThis event indeed attracts foreign and domestic tourists, moreover, the event is targeted to increase the products and services for the tourists, upgrade and promote the productivity of raw materials derived from the yaks. The festival is held in categories of yak racing, team contest /yak lasso and buck, boomerang throwing, and polo play/ top-quality yak products, and single out of best looking yak.

ChinggistoursDate: 23rd of July, every year

Venue: A place known as Undur-Khyasaa, located in 8 km away to the north-west from Orkhon waterfall, Bat-Ulzii soum, Uvurkhangai-province

Organizers: National Tourism Center under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The Governor’s Office of Uvurkhangai-province. 

The Governor’s Office of Bat-Ulzii soum.

Authority for Culture, Sports and Tourism in Uvurkhangai-province. 

World Heritage – “Nomads of Orkhon River” Tourism Association.