Crane Festival

admin Jun 12, 2019

In June, an annual tourism event “Crane Festival” held in Khentii province. This year’s “Crane Festival” was organized in the territory of “Khurkhiin Khundiin Tsagaan Nuur” in Binder soum on 07th of June. There are 7 species of cranes and 6 of them migrates to Binder soum to breed in summer and fall.


The “Crane Festival” is organized under the purpose to improve the knowledge of citizens on protecting the white-naped crane, evaluated as vulnerable in Mongolia and the world, and wetlands, make them feel proud of their homeland, ingrain a behavior to cherish the nature, and to improve the protection of “Khurkh-Khuitenii Gol” valley, the home of endangered species of birds, and develop the tourism. During the “Crane Festival”, information about the critically endangered species of birds will be distributed, moreover, an essay contest about the crane and a dance contest will be organized among the students of secondary school.